Yes, a personal success calendar. No, this is not a joke. Neither divination nor esoterics. This is an ancient Chinese Ba Zi technique, known as Four Pillars of Destiny. It allows us to determine the most and the least favorable periods of a particular person's life - up to a day and an hour. With the help of artificial intelligence, we have adapted ancient secret knowledge into a convenient and modern Bazoo application.

Apparently, each of us had a moment in life when making a decision was not easy. In such situations, you often want to get some additional proof like "Yes, do it now, everything will work out". Or, on the contrary: "It's better to wait." Bazoo is the tool for the people who believe in themselves and also in power of surrounding energies and their impact on our lives.

Bazoo service is based on the theory of Chinese lunar-solar calendar.
Its idea is to reflect a particular moment of time through a combination of 22 types of energy. Each of them corresponds to a hieroglyph and an Element. Unique combinations of these energies, through 8 hieroglyphs, can describe characteristics of each moment: time, day, month and year.
Since a person is born at a certain time, day, month and year, due to the specificity of each combination, you can describe the energy of each person. There are many possible combinations for the moment of birth. That’s why we are all so different and unique. And this is the difference between BaZi method and other horoscopes, which only take into consideration a month or a year of birth.
Knowing the basics of decoding the symbols and combinations (and we do know them), you can create a personal calendar, where days and even hours determine whether the time is right for decision-making in career, personal life and other spheres.

This is a very simplified explanation of Ba Zi idea, because there is a million of different ways to interpret and decipher Chinese horoscope predictions. But as we don't want to bother you with the details of this ancient practice, we created Bazoo, which is a simple and technological personal success calendar.

After registering your personal account you will receive your personal calendar for 30 days.
Each date-marked window is a day. The color of the window corresponds to the average potential of the day.
For example, on the "red" days you should not make serious decisions and boldly rush into battle, but the "green" days, on the contrary, contribute to the success and easiness of solving even complex problems.
If you dive deeper, you will see that each day is divided into green and red hours. This detailed analysis allows you to plan your day so that you could obtain maximum results, stay in the flow and clearly understand when it's time to slow down and when to confidently rush to the goal. The energy of the day does not consist of the energy of all the hours, so you should choose both favourable day and hour. If there is no other option, choose favourable hour.