Service cost

By registering in your personal account, you will receive your personal calendar for 30 days of non-charged use to assess the benefits of planning your time on an individual energy calendar. After the end of this period, the service for displaying the analyzed days will cost:
  1. 0,17 USD / day for one-time payments;
  2. Payments are distributed for the number of displayed analyzed days in the calendar.
  3. If you do not pay for the service at the end of the last displayed analyzed day, the analysis of the personal days does not occur.
  4. If you have not used the service for a long time, then when the payment is made, the analysis of the days from the day of payment and further on the number of paid days will begin.
  5. Refunds and cancellation of transactions are not provided.
  6. You can pay in advance for any number of displayed analyzed days.